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3 November, 2014:   “Music for Talent Development” Corporate Workshop for the Commonwealth Conference at the Hilton Hotel, Mumbai

4 November, 2014:   “Ganga Mahotsav” Classical Concert at Ravidas Ghat, Varanasi

14 November, 2014: Music Therapy Workshop for Children for SPrayasS, Mumbai

17 November, 2014: “Sahakriya: Synergy Through Music” Workshop for Syntel, Pune

20 November, 2014: “Creativity and Harmony Through Music” Workshop for the NHRD Conference at the Renaissance, Mumbai

26 November, 2014: “In Memory” Tribute Concert at the Gateway of India, Mumbai



2 October, 2014:   “Invocation of Maa” Classical Concert at the PBWA, Mumbai

14 October, 2014: “Interchange” Musical Presentation at the Hari Mahal, Jodhpur

17 October, 2014: “Melody and Harmony” Corporate Workshop at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai



6 September, 2014:   Folk Fusion Concert at the NCPA, Mumbai

9 September, 2014:   “Leadership Through Music” Corporate Workshop in Mumbai

11 September, 2014: “Music for Collaboration” at the Global Economic Summit, WTC, Mumbai

26 September, 2014: “Music for Leadership and Change” at the SHRM Conference, Delhi

27 September, 2014: “Invocation of Ma” Classical Duet with Minoti Khaund at the Nehru Centre, Mumbai



14 August, 2014: “Serendipity” Album Launch at the Bombay Gymkhana

29 August, 2014: “Culture in Corporation” Musical Presentation at the AsiaScotland Institute, Edinburgh

30 August, 2014: Fusion Concert with band ‘Paragon’ at the Edinburgh Music Festival



15 July, 2014: “Shankar Mahadevan” Event at the Chembur Fine Arts Society, Mumbai

16 July, 2014: Fusion Concert at the Gem and Jewelry Exhibition, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

24 July, 2014: Corporate Event at the Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai



7 June, 2014:   Fusion Concert at the Glasgow Mela Festival, Glasgow

8 June, 2014:   Indian Semi-Classical Concert in Glasgow

11 June, 2014: “Incense and Lights” Indian Classical Concert in London

12 June, 2014: Indian Classical Concert, Music of India Series for Resonance Radio, London

21 June, 2014: Indian Classical Concert for World Music Day at Kalakshetra, Guwahati



10 May, 2014: “Three Women” Musical Theatre Presentation at the NCPA, Mumbai

18 May, 2014  Concert at the North East Festival, NCPA, Mumbai



1 April, 2014:   Concert at the Sangeet Natak Academy Folk Festival in Kolkata

18 April, 2014: Fusion Concert in Mumbai

20 April, 2014: “Music for Leadership and Change”, Syntel GDC, Pune



5 March, 2014:   “Save the Rhino” Signature Tune Launch by Yes Bank

18 March, 2014: “Stringed Melodies” at the Leela, Gurgaon

23 March, 2014: “Dual Strings”, Celebrate Womanhood, Ishanya, Pune

27 March, 2014: “Celebrating differences” for the Spastic Society, Nehru Centre, Mumbai

30 March, 2014: “Raagas to Bollywood” at Numaligarh, Assam



3 February, 2014:   “Joy of Giving” for the Don Bosco Street Children, Mumbai

15 February, 2014: “Creativity in Organisations with Flow”, Bombay Management Association



11 January, 2014: “Music and Shakti” at the Energy Event, Delhi

12 January, 2014: Musical Presentation at the Powai Festival, Mumbai

14 January, 2014: Concert for the Women’s Leadership Meet at the Oberoi, Gurgaon

17 January, 2014: Concert at Shanmuganand, Mumbai

19 January, 2014: Concert at Sarusajai Stadium, Guwahati

22 January, 2014: “Leadership Through Music”, ADBU, Assam

25 January, 2014: “Day of Grace” at the Angel Express Foundation, Bandra, Mumbai





1 December, 2013:   “Music for Social Change”, ITA, Assam

7 December, 2013:   “Leadership Through Music”, LnOD Roundtable Asia

10 December, 2013: “Melody and Harmony”, Sofitel, Mumbai



10 November, 2013: Concert at the Eclectic Model Hunt, Guwahati

15 November, 2013: Talk Show on Women’s Empowerment, DY 365



11 October, 2013: “Invocation of Ma” Album Launch at Spandan, Mumbai

25 October, 2013: Concert with Stree Shakti and Anuradha Pal at Bhavans Cultural Centre, Mumbai

26 October, 2013: Mad Fest, Thane

28 October, 2013: Musical Presentation for the South Asia Women’s Fund in Colombo

30 October, 2013: Parampara Festival, Ravindra Natya Mandir, Mumbai



1 September, 2013:   “Music for Teamwork” Workshop at the Rotary International

9 September, 2013:    Tribute to Dr. Bhupen Hazarika at the India International Center, Delhi

15 September, 2013:  Fusion Concert with debut band ‘Intrigue’ in Bangalore

27 September, 2013:  Corporate Show at the Trident, BKC, Mumbai



14 August, 2013: “Patriotic Strings”, Leela Hotel, Mumbai

15 August, 2013: “Joy of Giving” for Children of the Aarey Colony, Mumbai



2 July, 2013:    “Music for Change” at LnOD Roundtable Asia

27 July, 2013:  “Music for Collaboration” at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai



21 June, 2013: World Music Day

30 June, 2013: “Music Therapy” at the Angel Express Foundation, Bandra, Mumbai



16 May, 2013: “Raagas to Bollyowod” at MCA, Mumbai

17 May, 2013: “Raagas to Bollywood” at the West Inn Hotel, Mumbai



12th April, 2013:               Surabhi Foundation Fundraiser with Anup Jalota at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

13 April 2013:                   Bandstand Revival Festival at Hanging Gardens, Malabar Hill, Mumbai

14 April 2013:                   Folk Fusion Concert at the Mumbai Book Fair

27 April – 12 May, 2014:  Folk Bihu Festival Shows across North East India

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Indo rock fusion wth Ravi Iyer.CPAA event

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Minoti Khaund and Sunita Bhuyan at the launch of Festival at the Farm as a tribute to Ravi Mathur

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Bihu Strings launch in Mumbai

Sunita Khaund Bhuiyan plays the violin and breaks from tradition finding her own meaning and expression as she improvises a Bihu folk melody with an interesting Celtic slant

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Republic day show: Vande Mataram- Assam DY 365

My tribute to india’s independence. A rendition of A.R. Rahman’s Vande Mataram followed by ” o mur apunar desh” the song for the state of assam – Indian violinist Sunita Bhuyan

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Raagas to Folk and Raagas in Bollywood

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Sunita Bhuyan violin, Invocation on international womens day

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Songs of Spring

Violinist Sunita Khaund Bhuyan will perform songs from her upcoming  album, Bihu Strings, at a concert that pays tribute to the Assamese New Year, Rongali Bihu, a festival that heralds the coming of spring

Violinist Sunita Khaund Bhuyan recalls the festive fervour associated with the Assamese New Year, Rongali Bihu, while growing up in Assam.

Violinist Sunita Khaund Bhuyan

“The celebrations kick off one month in advance, and are characterised by shopping, heading to pandals where there is singing and dancing, and family get-togethers,” she says.

There are three different festivals that come under Bihu. These include Kongali/ Kathi Bihu during October and the harvest festival, Bhogali Bihu, in January. However, it is Rongali Bihu, which falls on April 14, this year, celebrated during spring that is most looked forward to.

When a record company approached Bhuyan a year ago to create an album of original Bihu songs, she readily agreed. “The north-eastern states have a rich folk music heritage that is yet untapped. The songs speak of the culture of these states through rhythm, melody and meaning.”

Dabbling in Assamese folk music was a novel venture for the 41-year-old musician, who is trained in the Hindustani classical style. “This is the first Assamese project I am working on,” says Bhuyan, who was encouraged to work on the album by her mother, veteran violinist Minoti Khaund. “My mother encourages people to learn the classical arts as she believes it enables you to innovate, later on, and dabble in various genres.”

Album cover of Bihu Strings

At her upcoming performance, Bhuyan will perform songs from her new album, Bihu Strings, which includes five compositions that fuse Jazz and Irish folk music with Bihu compositions.
Each song tells a story about certain facets of Assamese life. Buli Naage Champa, for instance, is a song that speaks of the sensuous tresses of the lover adorned with the naage champa flowers, while Luitor Baalite is about the fun had by two youngsters on the banks of the Brahmaputra and fuses Bihu with Irish folk and rock percussions.

Though, not all the songs are about love and laughter. Ranga Nadi describes the travails of life during floods, which cannot dampen the festive spirit.

The final composition, Xosakoi Bor Dhunia, is an expression of teenage love in the Bihu toli or gatherings.

“We’ve used the buffalo horn flute, tabla, dhol and keyboard, but we haven’t tampered with the essence of the components — be it the classical ragas or the Bihu compositions,” adds Bhuyan, whose voice also features on the album.

According to the violinist, the biggest challenge was not to perform the folk songs on the violin, given her background in classical music, which helped her recreate the sounds, easily. “Adding a folksy feel and recreating the earthy vibe of the songs, which are usually performed in fields across the state was the real test,” she says.

The event at Nehru Centre will kick off with a Bhupen Hazarika tribute, which will be followed by a classical composition, a Bihu dance and songs from the album.

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Tehelka THiNK fest featuring performers and thinkers from across the world on ideas and innovation

She may be a trained human resource professional with 17 years in the corporate world behind her but it is as a violinist, with a master’s degree in Hindustani Music and as a disciple of the late violin maestro Pandit V G Jog that Sunita dazzles.

A recipient of the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award for Music, she is that rare performer who blends skill and a nuanced understanding of music with spunk on stage.

She started out training with her mother, the eminent violinist Minoti Khaund, then went on to do jugalbandis with her mother. Her musical range is breathtakingly wide, from pure classical music to a wide range of light melodies that fuse jazz, folk and a host of other influences to create a distinctive sound. She excels in blending influences – Bharat Darshan is her musical exploration of Indian folk while Raagas to Bollywood traces the underlying classical roots of many of filmdom’s most enduring compositions. Her recent album, Bihu Strings, explores the classical and world music influences in North-Eastern folk music.

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